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what city is it?

-The city is the capital of and important country of Europe.
-The city has a very important river.
-The main language is French.
-There are many famous buildings and a very important museum.

What animal is it ?

It’s a wild animal

It’s black and white

It eats seals, salmon, squid, sea ​​turtle… 😯

It swims in the sea

It lives in the Atlantic Ocean and polar coasts.

They usually go in groups of up to forty members.

They live between 50-80 years.

Are 7 to 10 meters, and weighs about 5 tons and a half

What animal is it ?

What animal is it?

The Animal is a mammal, the body is yellow and black, they are carnivorous. It has got four legs and a tail, small ears and small eyes. They usually live in herds. (Instead of living is) It lives in Africa. It is one of the fastest animal in the world. What animal is it?

What animal is it ?

It Has (it) got tail, four legs, two eyes, two ears, nose and mouth.

(The) It eats fruits and insects.

It Is of (very) many colours.

(The) It lives in Madagascar.

(What jump of a place very far to other.) It jumps from one place far to another

(The) It drills, runs and (very) jumps very much.

And it is of the family of the monkey.