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what is it city?

the city is famous is the capital of Argentina. It is located in the central-east. It has monuments such as the Obelisk, the Pink House, and General Manuel and the language they speak is Spanish Argentine.


It is a very beautiful and romantic city.
It is a city of Italy.
streets of this city are covered with water.
People who live there have no car, were on foot or by boat.
If you are away in this city, take a boat that is like a bus.
There are ships that are called gondolas, which carries a man who gives a ride to the city, and explains which are the sites of the city.

Waht city is it?

It is in Europe with a population of  3.4000.000 inhabitants.

This city is on by the river Spree,  In this city is the Brandeburg gate, the Reichstag, S.t Nicholas Curch, gendrame Square…

The official language is German.

Tipical meals are sausages, Brezel, nudel

For many years there was a wall that divided the country in two parts.

What city is it?

What city is it

What city is it?

This city has a population of 100.000 people.

The most famous building in this city is a one coliseum

It is the capital of Italy.

The language of this city is italic Italian


what city is it?

It is a very, very big city.

This city has 8,4 milion inhabitants.

English is the language

This city has shops, museums, parks, cinemas,etc…

In particular one ofthe largest parks in the world.
The most important monument that has it gave the French.

What city is it?

Is the largest city at the south of the world. The wheater is very cold but is the land of fire, because the first explorers who passed saw fires of the Indians. It’s near Cape Horn.
The name of the city in the Indian language is the west bay.
The city was constructed for prisoners. They reduce their sentences with community works.
Famous Places to visit are the presidio (now a museum), and the national park land of fire. It’s the starting point to go to Antarctica, and all the good sailors must pass for this city.

What city is it?

It’s big.

In this city,the people speak Arabic.

It Is a state in northern Africa.

The capital is Algiers

The money of algiers it’s the Dinar.

Here is a very popular tower called monument Algeria.

It’s a very beautiful city.



  1. This city it is in Catalunya
  2. It is on the river Onyar
  3. This city has got a cathedral and the cathedral has got a ninety steps
  4. This city has got a very important Jewish Quarter
  5. I’ts a beautiful city in the spring


It is in a France island with beaches and high mountains. It is the capital of the island. It is a small, beautiful and near of the beach. The population is about 64.432. The main language is french, but also they have a local language. The euro is the coin. There are museums and parks . There is an old cathedral. The city is famous because Napoleon Bonaparte born there. I was there when i was six years old.