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Ingredients for 4 people persons


3 tomatoes

100g pine nuts

200g goat cheese

olive oil



Cut the lettuce,the tomatoes an the goat cheese.

Put on a try.

Put the pine nuts in the salad.

Dress the salad with olive oil and salt.

Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming discovered the Penicillium notatum.
He was born in on 6th august the 1881.
Hi died in on 11 March the 1955.
Fleming was a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist.
He wrote many articles on bacteorology, immunology and chemoterapy.
His best know discoveries are the discovery of the enzyme lisozyme in 1923 and the antobiotic substance penicllin from the mould Penicillium notatum in 1928.


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school exchange

Subject:school exchange

Dear Núria,
My name is Carla. I’m eleven. I live in Sabadell. I speak Catalan, Spanish and English. I live with my dad, my mum and my sister. My dad is businessman. I’ve got a sister, Blanca. She’s five. I like playing with my friends. I love playing sports. I play rithmics in the school ritmics. I don’t like playing computer games. My best friend is Júlia.


El divendres passat vam anar a la Ribatallada va ser molt cansat allò de fer 12 km caminant vam veure de tot prats rius etc…… m’ho vaig passar molt be.