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Ingredients for two:
225 g. Burgo de Arias Ingot
Tickets or wild mushrooms
Olive oil

To accompany:

Olive oil


Like a roll of flesh, cut boletus or mushrooms to your preference, in thin slices and place on the source or where you will be serving dish. Add pre-cut slices of Burgo de Arias Ingot above, and accompanies the dish with a touch of caviar with tomato and olive oil.
Ready to eat!

School exchange

To: Cristian
Subject:School exchange.
Dear Cristian,
My name is Toni. I’m eleven. I live in Sabadell. I’m from Spain. I’ve got a brother. His He’s name is Daniel and he’s six. I live with my dad and mum and my brother. My mum works in a supermarket. I’ve got a turtle. I like playing football.I don’t like dancing.

I want to…

I want to be a computer enginer.
I want to sing in my house.
I want to visit Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabeu.
I want to play a play 3.
I want to go to the a cinema.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a famous football player.

The He plays in the F.C.Barcelona and the selection of Argentina.

The He always wears the in Barça shirt. It is red and blue color streaks.

On the shirt of Argentina is blue and white color streaks.

Messi to wins many awards.

Messi is forward.

Messi has got more than 200 goals with Barça.

ItHe is the best player in the world.

Messi lives in Barcelona.

His hair is short and Brown.