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Recipes: Spaghetti and cheese

-tomato sauce
1.Boil spaghetti
2.To take casserole and put spaghetti in the casserole.
3.Put in the plate and add the spaghetti.
4.Add tomato sauce and cheese in the spaghetti.

Blaise Pascal

Blaise Pascal invented the calculator.

He was french.

He was born on 19th of June 1623 in France.

He died on 19 of august 1662 in Paris, France.

He lived in France.

He invented a very important thing, the calculator.

He was no very important.

He dedicated to studied mathematics and natural sciences.

And then to philosophy and theology too.

He was known as pascal principle.

Information from to wikipedia.
Photo from to the biografias y vidas.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson is a fictional person.

She’ s 8 years old.

She’ s from USA.

She lives in the USA, Springfield.

She’ s got a big eyes and spiky hair.

She wears a orange dress and white pearl necklacke.

In her free time she read books and watches TV, Itchy and Scratchy ( el show de Rasca y Pica ) whith his brother.

Its dubbed into Spanish is by Isacha Mengibar.

What animal is it??

It lives in houses
The color of this animal can be white, black, and brown

😀 I(L)Love this animal:-D
Some eat fish
But there are some who does not like fish
Its size depends on age if they are small in size will be small
If (your) its age is medium in size will be medium

She has got ears, tongue, tail, eyes, etc


Hola! a mi em va tocar el llibre de Coraline de Neil Gaiman de la editorial Salamandra encara m’ho estic llegint però fins on he arribat m’ha agradat molt.

Aquí us poso una fotografia del llibre.

El meu llibre es diu Coraline no los mundos de corline i no es només una pel·lícula també hi ha un llibre.

El personatges: Coraline, el seu pare, la seva mare, l’altra mare, l’altre pare, la senyoreta Spink, la senyoreta Forcible, l’altra senyoreta Forcible, l’altra senyoreta Spink i el gat, el senyor, i els ratolins del senyor gran

A la pel·lícula no son els mateixos si que no son aquest: Coraline, el seu pare, la seva mare, l’altra mare, l’altre pare, la senyoreta Spink,  la senyoreta Forcible, l’altra senyoreta Forcible, l’altre senyoreta Spink el seu nebot i el gat, el senyor,i el ratolins del senyor gran.