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Hans Lippershey

Hans Lippershey is was a big inventor and scientific.

He invented the telescope.
He live was born in 1570, Wesel, Germany Alemania  septiembre de 1619 but lived in Middelburg, Holland.
It is not known but started working with glass.
In 1608 he created the telescope but they also said that there was another inventor who invented it but he was the man who established the design parenteral.
He also named a moon crater with its name.
A description of the instrument quickly lay in arrived at the hands of Galileo Galilei.
They also say that the planes of the telescope is was the theft of his own father Jacob Metius.
This lens grinder German is considered the creator of the telescope, but tradition says a child was playing in the shop and got in line Lippershey two lenses Given this fortuitous event observed by the lens grinder, developed the instrument would become known as scope.
He died on 16th setembre

Information and photo form the wikipedia

”Le coq”

Miro is a big Spanish artist.
Miro did a painting table. Its name is ”Le coq”
”Le coq” is a rooster.
”Le coq” is a reflection of a cock screaming and also has many colours.
The ”Le coq” was done betwenn 1936-1939 when civil war was …

Juan Carlos Navarro

Juan Carlos Navarro a plays basketball.
He is 31 years old.
He always wears t-shirt and trousers.
He always plays baketball.
and watches tv.
In his free time he watches tv.
He Writes well on social networks like twitter.His favourite colour is blaugrana, and his favourite food is pizza
His favourite music is rumba and
the his favourite basketball team is FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA.


what is it city?

the city is famous is the capital of Argentina. It is located in the central-east. It has monuments such as the Obelisk, the Pink House, and General Manuel and the language they speak is Spanish Argentine.