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fried potato


-200 cl Oil
-2 Potato

Peel the potato
Cut the potato
Put the oil in pot
Put the potato in the pot
Recall the potato
Put de salt in the potatoes


His Her full name was Destiny Hope Cyrus, her grandmother‘s she’s name. SHe started a process to change its name to Mily Ray Cyrus.
Miley was born on November 23rd 1992.
Miley Cyrus is an U.S. actress and singer.
The When she was little singing she sang with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus.
It She was an actress in Disney Channel series Hannah Montana.
She Lives in Los Angeles, California.
In the photo she is wearing a red dress and she’s got smooth hair.


It is a very beautiful and romantic city.
It is a city of Italy.
streets of this city are covered with water.
People who live there have no car, were on foot or by boat.
If you are away in this city, take a boat that is like a bus.
There are ships that are called gondolas, which carries a man who gives a ride to the city, and explains which are the sites of the city.