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famous painting

This is a painting by Picasso.
Its name is Guernika.
It is a 85 years old.
Picasso was a Spanish artist.
When he was young , he like a painting .
In this painting there aren’t any a monster
Picasso always used black and white.

”Le coq”

Miro is a big Spanish artist.
Miro did a painting table. Its name is ”Le coq”
”Le coq” is a rooster.
”Le coq” is a reflection of a cock screaming and also has many colours.
The ”Le coq” was done betwenn 1936-1939 when civil war was …


This painting was painted by Ralph Steadman.

In this painting is an elongated skull with wings, glasses and smoking.

The skull in the desert flies.

This painting is in black and white.

In this painting there is a cactus.

Its name is Espíritu de Gonzo(Spirit of Gonzo)

The wings are like the bats.

It has teeth very sharp.

I like it very much.

Espíritu de Gonzo (Spirit of Gonzo) Láminas por Ralph Steadman

Cambell’s soup can

This is a painting by Andy Warhol.

Its name is Cambell’s soup can

It is 49 years old.

Andy Warhol was an American artist

He lived in New York and Pittsburgh

When he was young he lived in Pittsburgh and he liked painting in room’s Warhol.

In this painting there is a can Cambell’s, there isn’t a aren’t any tables, chairs and ladders

Andy Warhol never used Play Stations in his paintings

Saint Anthony’s temptation

This painting is from Salvador Dalí.

He was borned on the 11th of may of 1904.

He died on the 23rd of may of 1989.

He had a sister, Ana Maria, she was three years yonguer than him he.

This painting is called ” La Tentación De San Antonio”, it’s about 65 years old.

In this paintig  there is a horse, four elephants, a nacked man with a litlle cross in his  hand, a palace, two towers and a water fountain.

The  palace, the two towers and the water fountain are on the four elephants.

This person is San Antonio.

The cards players.

This is a painting by Paul Cezanne.

Its name is The cards players.

It is 118 years old.

Paul Cezanne was a french artist.

He lived in Paris (France).

In this painting there is a table and a bottle,there are two men, a lof of cards, chairs and clothes.

Paul Cezanne used a lot of colours like brown, white, grey…

He painted all the paintings in from the streets of France because he hate painting in closed spaces.


This is a painting by Edvard Munch.
Its name is Separation.
Edvard Munch was a Norwegain artist.
He lived in Oslo.
This painting it is 107 years old.
Munch is an excellent Norwegain artist.