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The Cry

Its name is The Cry

This is a  painting by Edvard Munch

This table painting is 118 years

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian artist

When he was young he lived in Loten (Norway)

In this painting there is a man who is in a bridge, and two people behind him. There is a sea and mountain scenery.

Selena Gomez description

Selena Marie Gómez, is an actress, a singer, a composer and a fashion designer.
She is 19 years old.
She is from Grand Prairie,Texas,USA , but she lives in Los Angles,California,USA.
She is half  Mexican, because her father is Mexican.
Her parents are separated.
She has got 3 discs , a clothing line , and more things …
She always eats pickles, and usually eats pizza and apple.
She sometimes plays basketball.
In his her free time she goes to shopping with her friends.
Her favourite color is green.
Her favourite music is Hip-Hop, Pop…


Who is he???

He is tall and he is a good friend.

He’s got dark eyes and black hair.

He is form spain, he was borned in the hospital of Terrasa.

He likes football and tennis.

Hwo is he????


He is normally and small a little fat,

He likes football five sala and padel paddle,

He is got brown eyes and black hair,

He’s friends is Dani F. , Salva, Eduard and Joel R.

He’s Usually wearing tracksuit and yellow trainers


Who is he?

He’s a short boy.
He’s got a brown eyes and short black hair.
He likes a tennis.
He lives in Sabadell, but he was not born here.
He’s likes his dog.
He don’t like english.
Who is he?