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Ingredients for one person:
– 1 egg.
– 7gm. salt.
– 6mg. oil.
1-Put the oil in the friging-pan.
2-Put the egg fraction in the friging-pan.
3-Put the salt on the egg.
4-Later 5 m. take the egg
and put on plate.

Enric Bernat

He invention invented the chupa-chups.
He founts found the chupa-chup in 1958.
He was born in Barcelona, Spain, 20th of October 1923.
He dieds in Barcelona to, Spain, 27th of December 2003.
He dieds with have got 80 years old.
He lives lived in Spain.
His mother and his father worked in a pastry.
He married Nuria Serra.
He have got 5 children, 2 daughters and 3 sons.

Iformation is from viquipedia chupa-chups and viquipedia Enric Bernat



Lionel Andres Messi born on june 24th , 1987
He Is better known as Leo Messi.
He’s from Argentina and is a famous footballer.
He measures 1’69 in height measured.
he’s wearing a Tracksuit in the matches parties, but when you play the girls takes shirt.
Has got He is 24 years old .
He Moved to Europe in 13 with his family.
He Is the son of  Jorge Horacio Messi, and Celia Maria Cuccittini.
He’s got a sister and a two brothers ,Rodrigo, Matias y Maria Sol.
He’s got a two cousins. They are also footplayers.  are also.

what city is it?

It is a very, very big city.

This city has 8,4 milion inhabitants.

English is the language

This city has shops, museums, parks, cinemas,etc…

In particular one ofthe largest parks in the world.
The most important monument that has it gave the French.

What animal is it?

The Animal is a mammal, the body is yellow and black, they are carnivorous. It has got four legs and a tail, small ears and small eyes. They usually live in herds. (Instead of living is) It lives in Africa. It is one of the fastest animal in the world. What animal is it?

les millors disfreces

Tothom ja sap que s’apropa carnaval , i amb ell les disfresses , per tant , aquí recomanem les millors disfresses.

-Si vols causar por a la gent, disfressat de monstre, encara que si ets de cinquè jo no ho faria perquè tens que portar de la ma al teu apadrinat-ada , i li pots fer por.

-Si vols ressaltar , disfressat amb una disfressa amb coloraines, amb molts colors, i tothom es fixarà en tu.

-Si vols ser original, disfressat de coses normals , com un bric de llet, una poma, un llapis , encara que si en vols una disfressa d’aquestes et tindràs que fer la disfressa tu mateix.