Water properties

Hello! Class 3 has dicovered and tested some of the water properties. Have a look at the photos!

Build a habitat

Hello Class 5! Let’s see if you can build a proper habitat with animals, plants and weather conditions.

Click on the image to play

Habitats game

Hi again! Class 5 is studying the names of the different habitats. They have played a memory game. They had to match the photo of the habitat with its definition. It was fun! Have a look at the pictures!


Static electricity

Hello! Class 6 is studying electricity. Today, they have made an experiment about static electricity using balloons, wool, paper, salt and their hair. Have a look at the pictures!

Parts of a plant

Hello kids! Class 4 is learning new things about plants. Today, they have learned the names of the differents parts in English. Have a look at the pictures!

Water awareness

Hello kids! Class 3 has started sturdying the Science topic “Water“. They have made an activity to check that a very small amount of water is available to humans and so it is very important not to waste it. Have a look at the pictures!

The Solar system – Mars

The Solar System

Hello! Class 4 has studied the Solar System. They have made an oral presentation with the information of each planet. Watch the videos!

Eggs experiment results

Hi there! Class 3 had a look at the eggs in water, vinegar and coke. These are the results:

The egg in water didn’t change its colour or appearance.
The egg in vinegar lost its shell and got bigger.
The egg in coke changed the colour of its shell.

Dissection of a pork lung

Hello! Class 6 is studying the respiratory system. They have dissected the lungs of a pork to see the trachea, the bronchi and the bronchioles. They have also inflated the lungs to see what happens. Have a look at the pictures!