The Lucky Seed

Hi Class 4! What happened to the lucky seed that fell from the farmer’s cart? Watch the story and find out!

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Green bean germination

Hi Class 4! Watch this video of a green bean germination. Let’s hope you broadbeans germinate as well!


Plants word search

Hi Class 4! Revise the vocabulary related to plants by doing the word search.

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Parts of a plant functions

Hi children! Class 4 has been revising the parts of a plant. They have learned the functions of each part. Have a look at the pictures!


Hello kids! Class 4 has started working on plants. Have a look at the pictures!

Life Cycles

Hello Class 4! Do you know a stamen from a sepal? Find out more about a flower’s life cycle. Click on the image below to start the activity.


Life cycle of a plant – video

Life cycle of a flower

Hello kids! Class 4 is studying the topic of plants. Today, they have revised the life cycle of flowers. Have a look at the pictures!

Parts of a flower

Hello Class 4! Can you label the different parts of a flower? Click on the image to start the activity.

Experimenting with plants

Hello children! Class 4 is studying the world of plants. This week they have planted broadbeans because they want to learn what is it that plants need to grow. Have a look at the pictures.