Me and my cat

Hi children! Famous actors read children’s books aloud. Do you want to listen to Elijah Wood reading “Me and my cat”? YES! Then click on the image to start

Introduction to our school – by Class 6 students

Hello! Our school participates in a European project called “Changing with the Climate“. Developing activities related to sustainability and ecology and communicating with other schools are tasks that Class 6 students are doing. They have prepared this video to introduce themselves and the school to the other European schools. They have done a great job!


The way we celebrate Christmas – by Class 6

Hello children! Watch this fantastic video about Christmas by Class 6.



Hello! P5 kids are learning the colours. We sing a song and we play funny games. Watch the video. They are very good pupils!


Winter clothes

Hello! P5 is learning the names of some winter clothes. They like dressing the boy in the blackboard. Have a look at the pictures!

This week’s word is …

Hello children! Have you seen the new noticeboard in the school’s hall? Have you read this week’s word?

This week’s word is … Play the game to find out and write a comment with the word.

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There was an old lady who swallowed

Halloween Concert





Mr Potato Head Colouring book

Hello children! Click on the image to start colouring Mr Potato!

Celebrating International Peace Day

Hello kids! Class 5 and Class 6 have joined a project called “Pinwheels for Peace” in order to celebrate the Intenational Peace Day. First, we thought about words related to peace. Then, we wrote some of these words on our pinwheels and decorated them. Finally, we all had a great time making the pinwheels spin! Have a look at the pictures!