Do you know the time?

Hi Class 4! Click on the clock, listen carefully and match each time with its sound.

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Clock Works

Hello Class 4! What is the time on this clock? Help Max and Molly fix the tower clocks by telling the time.

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Bang on time

Hi Class 4! Here you have a new game for you to practise telling the time. Read the time in words and then stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position.

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School subjects

Hi Class 4! Look at the timetable and complete the sentences.

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What time is it? – Song

Shops song

Hello! Class 4 is studying the names of the different shops. They have learned a great song. Watch this video.

Interview your classmates

Hi there! Watch this fantastic video with Hannah and Estefania from Class 4.

Story time

Hi! Class 4 students have listenend to a story. Have a look at the photos.

ABC Game

Hello Class 3 and Class 4! Revise the alphabet with this game.

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Hello children! Class 4 students have been playing a cards game to practise the names of different activites. Watch these two videos.