What is static electricity?

Build a habitat

Hello Class 5! Let’s see if you can build a proper habitat with animals, plants and weather conditions.

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Habitats game

Hi again! Class 5 is studying the names of the different habitats. They have played a memory game. They had to match the photo of the habitat with its definition. It was fun! Have a look at the pictures!


Static electricity

Hello! Class 6 is studying electricity. Today, they have made an experiment about static electricity using balloons, wool, paper, salt and their hair. Have a look at the pictures!

Parts of a plant

Hello kids! Class 4 is learning new things about plants. Today, they have learned the names of the differents parts in English. Have a look at the pictures!

Water awareness

Hello kids! Class 3 has started sturdying the Science topic “Water“. They have made an activity to check that a very small amount of water is available to humans and so it is very important not to waste it. Have a look at the pictures!

Handling data

Hello Class 6! Here you have three different activities to practise what you did today on the Maths lesson. Have fun!

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Create frequency tables

Interpret bar graphs

Create bar graphs