We recycle, do you?

Hi again! Watch the video about recycling at school that Class 6 students have recorded.


And the winners are …

Hello! Adnan (Class 6), Roudaina (Class 5) and Toni (Class 6) are the 3 students who wrote more comments in the English blog. They did a great job. Congratulations!

Story telling

Hello! Today, some Class 6 students told a story to their godson/daughter. Have a look at the pictures and watch the video. They did a great job!


Last Top Ten comments of the 2011-2012 school year

Adnan (Class 6) ————-30

Roudaina (Class 5) ———- 24

Toni (Class 6) —————– 18

Mario (Class 5) ————– 17

Laura (Class 5) ————— 12

Abel (Class 6) —————– 10

Adrià (Class 6) ————— 10

Jana (Class 5) —————–10

Dil (Class 6) ——————- 8

Mercè (Class 6) ————– 8

The Solar system – Mars

The Solar System

Hello! Class 4 has studied the Solar System. They have made an oral presentation with the information of each planet. Watch the videos!

Eggs experiment results

Hi there! Class 3 had a look at the eggs in water, vinegar and coke. These are the results:

The egg in water didn’t change its colour or appearance.
The egg in vinegar lost its shell and got bigger.
The egg in coke changed the colour of its shell.

Trip to the Zoo