Trip to Cosmocaixa

Hello! Last Friday 24th February, Class 6 visited Cosmocaixa. They saw a movie about the Solar System, the Stars, the Galaxies and the eclipses. They also participated in a workshop about electricity. They had a great day! Have a look at the pictures.



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2 03 2012
Lin (15:35:07) :

It was a super cool workshop about electricity. And I also got a chance to be a primary school pupil again.

9 03 2012
Toni Hernandez (09:28:53) :

Hi Cosmo Caixa Carolina what is the best tour of all that done.
I loved i learn many things besides.
But what I liked most was the static electricity.

Toni Hernandez Hernandez.

9 03 2012
ignacio (14:31:57) :

yoe anat al cosmo caixa es molt divertit ite com un rellotga que so pals ito abeis anat al planetarium en 3d parque yo si i so c el ignacio al cosmocaixa a anat el marcos el aaron elxakir i el yassin i el meu llarma valentin

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