Top 10 Comments’ List

Hello! Here you have the names of the 10 people who wrote more comments in the blog.

Kamal (6th) – 251
Red (6th) – 153
Marc T. (6th) – 29
Jordi – 21
Adrià (6th) – 19
Jose (6th) – 14
Joan (6th) – 12
Mª Raquel (6th) – 11
Natán (teacher) – 10
Adnan (5th) – 10



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1 06 2011
Merche (22:45:21) :

Jo m’estic esforçant en fer uns comentaris adeqüats al article inclús també practico en anglès observeu: Hello Caroline, I like you blog because it is very beautiful and funny, I love this blog and I want is in this list of persons with more comments!!! Thank you, see you tomorrow! (que tal?)

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