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Biscuits witch drops of chocolate


-175g of flour

-125g of margarine soft

-90g of sugar

-60g of sugar lustre (?)

-1/2 teaspoonful of vanilla essence (of vanilla)

-1 egg

-125g of drops  of black chocolate (black)


1.- Greas (ing light) 2 trays of to bake bread.

2.- (To) Lay (every) the ingredients in one earthen big(?) and mixing.

3.- (To) Lay one spoonful of paste upon the trays. (to) Leave space between them because it grows (and yes no or glue, they.)

4.-(To) Cook the biscuits in the (formace) oven at (temperature) 180 g (during) 10-12 minutes, as for as that to be gild .

5.- (To retre) Take out the biscuits and (to) leave cool in one grille.

By Dania

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Rice with tomato

For coocing rice whith tomato, (used) we need:


-fried tomato



-one pot.

The name of this dish is “arroz a la cubana” in Spain. Usually the dish is cooked with tomato , but it can be also cooked , to carvone(?), to carvone(?) is delicious!, but with tomato too.

Cooking is very easy.

(Fest) First , put the water in a pot and put the (salat) sal.  Put in the oven (?) ten or fifteen minutes,

After, take out the rice , and (es posa)put at the dish, and the (fisins (es posa) the end put the fried tomato (fried).

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The (recipients) ingredients:

– Water, spaghettis, onions, tomatoes, carrot, parley (?), oregano, (laurel) bay leaf, garlic, salt, wine the kitchen and meat of pork and veal.

(To) Put a pot (olla) with water, a few (leaves of laurel) bay leaves and salt. (To) Leave (her) it to boil and (to) add the pasta. (Once to give you, to) When it’ve finished drain it of the water.
In a frying pan (sofrie) fry lightly the onion, with a garlic clove (very cortadito) cut in small slices. (Parsley is) Add(ed) parsley and a bit of black pepper. Later (to) add a (bad) carrot and a few tomatoes. Once slightly fried (to) add oregano and a small glass of wine. Finally add the meat (is added).
(In the plate to) Serve the spaghettis in a plate and (to) add the Bolognese sauce that is wished.


You need a (large) big bowl.


– Lettuce.








First wash all the ingredients, cut the lettuce, tomatoes into small pieces and cucumber slices, all in one place (?) and use bandaja (?) olives and tuna for salad decoration.
Put the oil, vinegar and salt to your taste and ready to eat.

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You need: a bowl and a pan

-3 eggs
-6 spoons of sugar
-1 glass of anisette
-1/2 glassof oil
-little salt
-1 packet of leaven (baking powder)
-750 gr. of flour

Put the eggs, the sugar and the salt in a bowl and beat a lot. Later, put the oil, the anisette, the flour and the leaven
(baking powder) in the bowl. When the mass are hard, get the mass of the bowl and give it form. And finally put a pan in the gas with oil boiling and put the mass in the pan. When the mass is (are) cooked put sugar.

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270g spaghettis, 70g cream(?), salt and bacon.


Boil spaghettis (and whit) with water.

And remove spaghettis.

(And) you can put the tomato.

And eat…….


Ingredients: 250g macaroni, 1 small pot of cream, 1 (sachet) package of four (farmhouse) cheese, Pepper, Sal, Butter


(Macaroni is boiled) Boil macaroni with water and salt.
In another bowl cream is made, put the cheese on, pick (one) a pinch of salt, two tablespoons of butter, pick a pepper (to taste). Leave all that (is left) to heat until cheese is melted and well mixed. (all this).
(When) You are ready to mix the macaroni with the sauce already made and if you want you can (be over Take) put oregano too.



5 or 6 potatoes, a big onion, oil of olive and 3 eggs.

Preparation: Cut the potatoes in small pieces (laminas fine), the onion in small pieces. We put to heat the oil  in a frying pan (paella) and add(ed) the potatoes and the onion. We leave (left that) it cooking over a low heat (go doing to slow fire) and (go) stirring it up When the potatoes are soft and done, (recall) take away the frying pan (sarten) with a spoon (for skimming) and put it in a dish.

 Beat the three eggs and add the potatoes and the onion. Mix it all (good). In a frying pan (paella) put a bit of oil and throw it everything. When it pass one or two minutes give him the turn with a dish and go back it to throw to the frying pan (paella).


You need:

One bowl.


 flour, corn meal, salt, pepper, Oil, milk, eggs, sausages, sticks.

Mix flour in a bowl, in a bowl add salt and pepper Add milk, egg and spoon of oil in a bowl. Add a sausage.

Heat for 2 o 3 minutes. Remove and drain oil and eating.

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