Biscuits witch drops of chocolate


-175g of flour

-125g of margarine soft

-90g of sugar

-60g of sugar lustre (?)

-1/2 teaspoonful of vanilla essence (of vanilla)

-1 egg

-125g of drops  of black chocolate (black)


1.- Greas (ing light) 2 trays of to bake bread.

2.- (To) Lay (every) the ingredients in one earthen big(?) and mixing.

3.- (To) Lay one spoonful of paste upon the trays. (to) Leave space between them because it grows (and yes no or glue, they.)

4.-(To) Cook the biscuits in the (formace) oven at (temperature) 180 g (during) 10-12 minutes, as for as that to be gild .

5.- (To retre) Take out the biscuits and (to) leave cool in one grille.

By Dania

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