5 or 6 potatoes, a big onion, oil of olive and 3 eggs.

Preparation: Cut the potatoes in small pieces (laminas fine), the onion in small pieces. We put to heat the oil  in a frying pan (paella) and add(ed) the potatoes and the onion. We leave (left that) it cooking over a low heat (go doing to slow fire) and (go) stirring it up When the potatoes are soft and done, (recall) take away the frying pan (sarten) with a spoon (for skimming) and put it in a dish.

 Beat the three eggs and add the potatoes and the onion. Mix it all (good). In a frying pan (paella) put a bit of oil and throw it everything. When it pass one or two minutes give him the turn with a dish and go back it to throw to the frying pan (paella).

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