Angeles y demonios

Information of the author: This book was written by Dan Brown, he thinks that the union between science and religion is very interesting. This book  is the second part of  “Codigo Da Vinci” other book written by this author. It´s one of  the authors most valued in the  thriller stories.

Information and summary of the book: It is a religion teacher called to resolve one problem of a dead scientist. This story is about the problem between religion and science. It was published in 2003 for many editorials for exemple: Umbriel

Curiosities: This book was published as true stories. The book is about the lies of the “Catolic Church”.

Opinion: I like this book because it´s very important and interesting. It  helped me because now I know new things about science and religion and their conflicts and one of the greatest questions: “Where do we come from? “.

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