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I want to be secretary because I like computers and homework .I want to visit China because I like food and I like (selebritions) celebrations and I want to visit Africa because I like animals. My favorite subjects are catalan and maths.

By Diana


When m older I want to  be architect  because I like  geometry and desing. I want to  visit Unitet States. (may feivorit sovjet naturls an) My favourite subjects are Nature and    Catalan

By Victòria


When I‘m older I want to be a riskman because I like (arms of) destruction weapons.

I like P.E. and maths because I like the (tutor) teacher.

I don’t like homework but i like days (there are no duties) without it.

By Aarón

Truck driver

When I’m older I want to be (camioner) truck driver because I like  trucks.

My favourite  subject at the school are P.E, Maths and Nature.

I want to visit Spain and Ecuador… .


 When (i graw) I grew up I want to be a mechanic. Because I like cars  and because  I like to learn. I like visiting New York .

GERARD ASENSIO                                                                                    


When I’m older, I want to be a daycare teacher or primary teacher because I like children very much. I want to visit New York and L. Angeles. I want to learn to speak French and Chinese. I want to see and go to a comercial centre of New York. My favourite subjects at school are Maths, P.E. and Audiovisuals because I like numbers, exercising, computers and I like fun very much.
By: Lídia


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What do you want to be ?

In the 6th year class the students want to be:

  • 8 want to be teachers. One of them nursey teacher
  •  4 want to be handball players. One of them goalkeeper.
  • 4 want to be doctors
  • 3 want to be engineers
  • 3 want to be architects
  • 2 want to be polices
  • 2 want to be photographers
  • 2 want to be secretaries
  • 2 want to be football players. One of them goalkeeper.
  • 2 want to be vets. One of them auxiliar vet

We also have got students who wants to be businessman, chess player, dancer, firewoman, manager, cook, pet sitter, lawyer, rocker, writer, riskman, truck driver, mechanic, teacher.

And you ? What do you want to be ?


I want to be a doctor because I like the body. My favorite subjects at the school (is) are nature(als) and gym (not gym, better PE). I want to visit Madagascar and New York. Madagascar is to know new landscapes, and because I‘ve always liked, and New York has nothing to do with Madagascar but I also have always liked.



When I ‘m older, I want to be a Teacher because I like children(s) . I want to visit Hawai and Los Angeles because it’s beautiful. My   favourite subjects at the school  are Catalan and Art because I like write and paint .

By Carla


When I’m older I want to be a bus(s)inessman in a bank, because I like economy.

When I’m older I want to travel to Australia, because I want to see strange animals, and the city of Sydney.

When I’m older I want to study bus(s)iness management to be bus(s)inessman.

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By Jorge Montiel Pérez