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FAIRY OAK and “El secreto de las gemelas”

My favourite book is FairyOak and “El secreto de las

gemelas”(the secret of the twins)

and the other books abour Fairy oak,but “El secreto de las

gemelas” is fantastic!

The main character is Vainilla and Pervinca the twins.

the creator of the book is Elisabetta Gnone.

I recommend the book for girls but not boys.

is very exciting!


By: Paula 6éB

Angeles y demonios

Information of the author: This book was written by Dan Brown, he thinks that the union between science and religion is very interesting. This book  is the second part of  “Codigo Da Vinci” other book written by this author. It´s one of  the authors most valued in the  thriller stories.

Information and summary of the book: It is a religion teacher called to resolve one problem of a dead scientist. This story is about the problem between religion and science. It was published in 2003 for many editorials for exemple: Umbriel

Curiosities: This book was published as true stories. The book is about the lies of the “Catolic Church”.

Opinion: I like this book because it´s very important and interesting. It  helped me because now I know new things about science and religion and their conflicts and one of the greatest questions: “Where do we come from? “.


Ghostgirl is not my favourite book but it is amused (amusing).
The main character is Charlotte.
Charlotte dies but Scarlet can see her.  They live a lot of adventures.
The author is called Tonya Hurley

El Regne de Kensuke

This book is the best book in the world, for me of course. This book has few characters: the boy, his parents, his dog and Kensuke. The family goes to live to another country with his boat, and one night, the boy and the dog (feel  to the water) come down in the sea and they shipwrecked on a desert island. The boy met a strange man, he is Kensuke. Kensuke is an old man, is an Indian. The boy survives with Kensuke in the island, and they live many adventures. Finaly the boy find his parents, but I don’t remembeer how.

by: Jorge

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, released on July 16, 2005, is the penultimate of the seven novels in JK Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series. Harry Potter Set during the sixth year at Hogwarts, the novel explores Lord Voldemort’s past, and Harry for the preparation of the final battle amidst emerging romantic relationships and the emotional confusion and conflict resolution characteristics of the mid – -adolescence.

The book sold nine million copies in the first 24 hours after his release, a record at the time it was finally broken by his successor, Harry Potter and the Death Hallows.

By Adrià


My faborite book is Matilda by Roal Dhal.

The main caracter is: Matilda

She is a girl. From 5 years she already learnt to do estraordinaries things. Her parents do not worry very much for her. Her father was a  secondhand cars sellerHer mother played golf with her freinds on the evenings.

Matilda wanted to go to the College but her parents didn’t want.

Then one day the Thronxbull principal lady buy a car to the Matilda father, The Matilda father talk with the principal i Matilda begins the College.

In the College she met to a teacher and they did extraordinaries things.

I recommend it to you, I like it very much!

Un puente hacia Terabithia

My favourite book is  “A Bridge to Terabithia”

This book has many characters such

as Jess and Leslie are the main ones.
The story is about two children who become friends and invent a place called ,Terabithia is quiet and peaceful.
This book is based on friendship.
I like this book because it is very realistic.

B&: Eva.


My favourite book is “El somiatruites” by Ian Mcewan. The main character is Peter.

(All) Everybody thinks Peter is a difficult boy, but he doesn’t worry (deal) for that.

(It) he has a great imagination (great), he imagines (fins) a magic ointment…

By Aida



L’assassinat del professor de matemàtiques és un altre divertimento de’n Jordi Sierra i Fabra, publicat per Barcanova dins la col·lecció Sopa de Llibres. El seu preu és d’uns 8 €.
En Flip és un profe de mates que té tres alumnes que no hi ha manera que aprovin l’assignatura. Els hi proposa una manera diferent de recuperar-la, però mor davant dels ulls dels nois. Aquests hauran de resoldre els problemes i enigmes per tal de trobar l’assassí del seu profe.
Llibre força divertit i fàcil de llegir. Molt recomanable.

Si vols descarregar la guia de lectura:

Guia de lectura: L’assassinat del professor de matemàtiques