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At last the videoconference was possible on Friday with 6A in Sabadell and 7y in Portsmouth and on Monday with 6B in Sabadell and 7x in Portsmouth.

We had some problems with the technology. The sound didn’t work well and we only could write (text) and watch (picture). The students chatted each other. One student wrote his name and asked for his friend in the other school. Then they wrote some questions and they tried to answer these questions. The Spanish students wrote in English and the English students wrote in Spanish.

Now they are writing some presentations e-mails each other, and some of them are comunicating by Messenger. We are waiting for some students to write their presentation e-mail. When are you going to write ? Don’t be lazy and shy, please. We would like to read your presentation.

You can read more in Catalan in the school website.

If you click the photo, you can see some photos about the videoconference.

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