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270g spaghettis, 70g cream(?), salt and bacon.


Boil spaghettis (and whit) with water.

And remove spaghettis.

(And) you can put the tomato.

And eat…….

Doctor and police woman

When I’m older. I want to be a police woman and doctor because I like help (a persons) people.

I want to visit U.S.A and New York because I like meet differents people.

My favorite subjects at school were Maths, Geography and English, because they are very importants.                                  By Aitana.


Ficada de potaRhianna is a singer in Europe (Doesn’t she sign in America? I don’t understand), 20 years or less (How old is she?).

She was born on February 20th in 1988 in Saint Michael.

In fact (his) her name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. And she began singing at the age of 15. Guai!                              


 Rialla                             PetóBy Aitana.Descarat


Barceona is very beautiful.

In Barcelona there are restaurans, shops, schools, cinemas, cafés and librarys.

The language is spanish and catalan.

The Sagrada Familia is a popular place to visit.

By Aitana.Rialla


Ficada de pota1.¿ Cómo se llama el medicamento? Este medicamento se llama:Fortasec.2.indicaciones:sirve para parar las diarreas.3.Posología:No administrar a niños menores de 2 años,3 veces al día, y dosis depende de que peso tienes.-Apartir de los 5 años .4.Efectos secundarios:te puede dar una reacción en la piel y vómitos5. Composición:

Fortasec 2 mg. Cada cápsula contiene: loperamida (DCI) (clorhidrato), 2 mg.

Fortasec 0,2 mg/ml Solución. Cada ml contiene: loperamida (DCI) (clorhidrato), 0,2 mg.

6.Otras cosas de interés:Este producto no esta recomendado durante el embarazo,por lo que se aconseja no utilizar este medicamento sin consultar antes a su médico.

Aitana GiménezDescarat