The (recipients) ingredients:

– Water, spaghettis, onions, tomatoes, carrot, parley (?), oregano, (laurel) bay leaf, garlic, salt, wine the kitchen and meat of pork and veal.

(To) Put a pot (olla) with water, a few (leaves of laurel) bay leaves and salt. (To) Leave (her) it to boil and (to) add the pasta. (Once to give you, to) When it’ve finished drain it of the water.
In a frying pan (sofrie) fry lightly the onion, with a garlic clove (very cortadito) cut in small slices. (Parsley is) Add(ed) parsley and a bit of black pepper. Later (to) add a (bad) carrot and a few tomatoes. Once slightly fried (to) add oregano and a small glass of wine. Finally add the meat (is added).
(In the plate to) Serve the spaghettis in a plate and (to) add the Bolognese sauce that is wished.

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