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5 or 6 potatoes, a big onion, oil of olive and 3 eggs.

Preparation: Cut the potatoes in small pieces (laminas fine), the onion in small pieces. We put to heat the oil  in a frying pan (paella) and add(ed) the potatoes and the onion. We leave (left that) it cooking over a low heat (go doing to slow fire) and (go) stirring it up When the potatoes are soft and done, (recall) take away the frying pan (sarten) with a spoon (for skimming) and put it in a dish.

 Beat the three eggs and add the potatoes and the onion. Mix it all (good). In a frying pan (paella) put a bit of oil and throw it everything. When it pass one or two minutes give him the turn with a dish and go back it to throw to the frying pan (paella).

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a Formula 1 driver (of formulates 1). He is from (in the) Spain.

In her free time he sometimes plays sports. He likes drive racing cars. (run at the cars)

He loves Renault.

He sometimes wears traksuit and scarf.

(He) His favourite food is macarroni.


I’m from Spain.

Her name is Victoria.

She likes Art.

She has the peel (What is peel in Catalan?) long.

Her favourite food is pizza.

Does not like him the coliflor. (She doesn’t like cauliflower)

She doesn’t like futbol. (football)

She doesn’t like black colour.


By Raul



I walked to the statue of the Liberty. I stopped in the shop, it was very big.


The cook was Exellent. I came back to hotel.


I sailed with a ship. I looked for a hotel.


I visited the statue of Liberty.


I talked to the guide about the beautiful parc.

By Raul


Santander is in the norht of Spain, in the coast of the Cantabric sea.It is a big city, capital of Cantabria. The weather is wet oceanik.

The population of Santander is about 145926 people.

In Santander there are a lot of things to visit, Magdalena palace

in the peninsula of Magdalena. The Santander Cathedral, near the

center of the city. In Santander there are parks, museums and shops.

Junifen 2% Suspensión oral

1 ¿ Cómo se llama?Junifen
2¿Para qué sirve?Para calmar dolor leve o moderado y fiebre
3 dosis cada cuanto debemos tomarlo.Niños 3 a 6 meses: 2,3 ml cada 8 horas. Niños de 1 a 3 anyos: 5 ml cada 8 horasNiños de 4 a 6 anyos: 7,5 ml cada 8 horas

Niños de 7 a 9 anyos: 10 ml cada 8 horas

Niños de 10 a 12 anyos: 15 ml cada 8 horas

4Efectos secundarios: Puede provocar náuseas, vómitos, dolor o ardor de estómago
¿Qué lleva?polisorbato, glicerol, goma de xantano, sacarinaódica, ácido cítrico, citrato sódico,clocuro sódico, saborizante de naranja, bromuro de domifeno y agua purificada
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