Rice with tomato

For coocing rice whith tomato, (used) we need:


-fried tomato



-one pot.

The name of this dish is “arroz a la cubana” in Spain. Usually the dish is cooked with tomato , but it can be also cooked , to carvone(?), to carvone(?) is delicious!, but with tomato too.

Cooking is very easy.

(Fest) First , put the water in a pot and put the (salat) sal.  Put in the oven (?) ten or fifteen minutes,

After, take out the rice , and (es posa)put at the dish, and the (fisins (es posa) the end put the fried tomato (fried).

photo from : http://comemosbien.blogspot.com/2008/08/salsa-de-tomate.html


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