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Sandwich of cheese and ham


2 slices of bread

1 rasher of cheese

1 rasher of ham


You grab a slice of bread, you put butter with
a knife.

Then put a slice of cheese and ham.

Finally you take the other slice of bread and put it above everything.










Information: No he necessitat de buscar-ho, perquè ho sabia fer.



Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche invented the Porsche Design Studio.
He is from Deutschland 
He was born in Stuttgart on 11th December of 1935
He studied in Hochschule für Gestaltung the Ulm (Germany) (esta en Alemany)
He won an importants prizes:
He was a cars designer
He died on in Salzburgo on 5th April of 2012
Ferdinand has designed all the things that men consider important.

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I want to be

When I ‘m older, I want to be an engineer because I like cars and the F1 races to the F1.

I want to visit  Canada and England because it’s a interesting the cities are interesting.

My favourite  subjects at school are maths and P. E. I like P. E. and maths because I like and they are funny.

By Ramon

Cambell’s soup can

This is a painting by Andy Warhol.

Its name is Cambell’s soup can

It is 49 years old.

Andy Warhol was an American artist

He lived in New York and Pittsburgh

When he was young he lived in Pittsburgh and he liked painting in room’s Warhol.

In this painting there is a can Cambell’s, there isn’t a aren’t any tables, chairs and ladders

Andy Warhol never used Play Stations in his paintings

Sebastian Vettel


Sebastian Vettel is a famous runner of F1

He was Born itin Heppenheim (Germany)

Has got a He’s 24 years

He Measuresd 1,76 m

Vettel initation a karting in 1995, eight years after began to drive cars. Winner it’s a championship Germany the Formula BMW.

Premiere F1 in a 2007 with BMW Sauber but small time tab it Toro Rosso    a subsidiary Scuderia Red Bull witch is currently and winner two championships (2010 and 2011)

He Shares team with Mark Webber another great runner but more veteran.

Today he has got very records three of them:

-Pilot very young in winner two championships consecutive: 24 years and 98 days.

-Pilot has got more points in a championship: 324

-Better average the points in a race: 9.16


Who is he?

He’s a boy and tall and eleven years old.

He’s got glasses and black eyes and black hair.

He’s wearing sport clothes.

He’s lives in Sabadell

He’s likes plays DS


Who is he?

What city is it??

It’s a big city and very nice, It has got many a very flowers and very colorful, It pass two rivers: “Guadalmedina” and “Guadalhorce” flowing   in the Mediterraneo, It is the sixty city                     very big in Spain with about the 570.000 peoples . It is a capital the province in Andalucia.

It Has shops, restaurants, monuments … and one airport. The Sede del banco de España, the Alcazaba, a botanical Garden La Concepcion, the palace La Aduana and historic Garden La Consula are places to visit. a of the monumets there, also one Another thing important is that Pablo Picasso born in that city . There are Also separate has one bullring and fotball club.