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famous painting

This is a painting by Picasso.
Its name is Guernika.
It is a 85 years old.
Picasso was a Spanish artist.
When he was young , he like a painting .
In this painting there aren’t any a monster
Picasso always used black and white.

Ruben Castro

Ruben Castro is a footballer.

Ruben Castro is the front of plays in Real Betis Balompié.

He is 30 years old.

Spain is born on the palms.He was born in Las Palmas (Spain)

He live in sevilla.

He loves to playing football.

you have 5 brothers and two plays for Barcelona William and alex. He has got 5 brothers. Two of them (William and Alex) play in Barcelona.
(nearly always dressed in sports like their food faboritas is Spanish paella).
lost yesterday he lost against Racing Santander 2-0