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Chicken and prawns


1 chicken, cut the garlic


2 or 3 garlic

1 or 2 tomatoes

1 large onion

broth fish soup


Gets the oil is very hot and when you put the garlic until they are removed and roseate.

Then put the chicken and removed.

With the oil that remains is a fried: 1 large onion, tomatoes and 1 or 2. (First the onion is golden when you put the grated tomatoes.)

When you’re adding broth fish soup 1 or 1 1/2 cups.

When you boil the chicken to put an end to you and then put the prawns care that are not broken.



Hola 6è només volia dir que ja queda molt poc per anar a Cala Monjoi, de colònies, així que ens podem anar a fer la motxilla que marxarem d’aquí a pocs dies.

A Cala Monjoi hi ha diverses activitats com canoa, piragua, esquí bus, esquaix, escalada en rocòdrom, tenis, tir amb arc, volei platja, minigolf, orientació, tenis taula ( ping-pong), malabars, coreografia, taller de nusos, excursións, estampació de samarretes, sortida amb vaixell a Cadaqués, i activitats de nit com jocs, gimcana, karaoque i discoteca etc.

Després hi han activitats voluntàries com enviar una postal a casa des de Cadaqués, i un concurs de fotografia.

Albert Enstein

A.Enstein discovered the gravity.
He is from Germany.
He was born in Ulm.
He studied in Polytechnic School.
Enstein lived in Munich (Germany) and Milan (Italy).
A.Enstein won an important prizes, the nobel phisics, Copley medal and Max Planck Medal
He did important discoveries.
He was a scientist and a physical.
He was 21 years old when he discovered the gravity.
A.Enstein died 18/4/1955 at 76 years old.

He tret la imformació de la wikipédia.
He tret la imatge de la wikipédia.

I want to be…

My favorite unfulfilled subjects is are the mathematics and physical education beacuse i I like.
I would be of a great soccer player, because I practice football and I like this sport.
I would like to visit Amèrica especially in the Caribbean , because I this countries attention  ???.


This is a painting by Edvard Munch.
Its name is Separation.
Edvard Munch was a Norwegain artist.
He lived in Oslo.
This painting it is 107 years old.
Munch is an excellent Norwegain artist.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a famous singer.

Bruno Mars has got is 26 years old. He was born in Hawaii on october, 8th, 1985.

He lives in E.E.U.U U.S.A. (Los Angeles).

He wrote 10 song, 3 of  them are Grenade, The Lazy Song and Just The Way You Are.

He almost always dressed in shirt, jeans and trainers.