English contest at the end of March

March is finishing and this is the score in this moment in your English Contest:

31st of March 2011

1.- Adrià: 37 points

2.- Joel Recio: 22 points

3.- Marina: 18 points

4.- Elena: 16 points

5.- Marc: 13 points

6.- Dani Fernández: 7 points

7.- Núria: 6 points

8.- Lydia, and Carla Trucharte: 5 points

9.- Ainhoa and Daniel Solano: 4 points

10.- Elif, Judith, David D., Ariadna, Xavi, Marta and Alba Muñoz: 2 points

11.- Pol, Ramon, Arnau, Jeremy and Júlia : 1 point

23 students have participated in this moment.

Let’s see what is going to happen in April, the next month. Good luck for everybody.

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