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Thomas Alva Ediso invented the bulb.

He is from America.

He was born in USA in 11th of february 1847 .

He lived in Milan.

He studied in a laboratory.

He was a scientist, inventor  and a very important businessman.

He was born on February 11th, 1847, in Milan, a small town in Ohio. He died on October 18th, 1931, in New Jersey.

He also invented the phonograph, gramophone …etc.

He died in 18th of october 1931.

He had six children Marion Estelle Edison (1873-1965), Thomas Alva Edison Jr. (1876-1935), William Leslie Edison (1878-1937), Madeleine Edison

(1888-1979), Charles Edison (1890-1969) and Theodore Miller Edison (1898-1992).

information from: Wikipedia.

foto from: Wikipedia


My name is Judith.

I want to be a veterinarian and set up a clinic with
my neighbor Irene.

Because we want to heal animals.

I want to go on holiday to Paris.

Because I want to visit Eiffel Tower and Paris.

My favorite subjects are gymnastics and English.

Because I like learning new languages  and sports.


She is a girl.
She made my favorite movie, entitled Entangled.
She is a fictional character.
Small old woman kidnaps a very bad ……….
The movie has just turned 18 years.
In his spare time she likes reading, cooking, design, or combing her long hair.
what he likes to paint farples or watch in the night of his birthday
iliminan the sky, pulling his real parents from the village.
have She has a pet, It is a chameleon named Pascal.
his Her favorite food is peanut butter.
Actually the movie is English but has been translated into many languages.

by judith muñoz


It is a Central European city on the banks of the Danube. With a population of 1,712,903 inhabitants is the largest city, political and cultural center in Austria. The official language is alemán. Monuments: Imperial Palace facilities, Opera and museums such as The Albertina and the Empress Sissi can visit on foot by the ‘ring.
Places to visit are Cathedral of St. Sebastian, the State Opera, Palacio
Schönbrunn, etc … etc


La meva veïna Irene i jo hem fet un blog que es diu:    friends for animals

Farem un mini programa com el de icarly, també mini tests, novetats, vídeos de youtube etc…etc…

what animal is it?

It is grey, has got two horns on his head, weighs a lot, has got a very thick skin and little legs make this animal can reach high speeds.
It eats boil, and drinks plenty of water.
It lives in Africa or Asia. This animal is in danger.
It is a wild animal. (What he) It likes to run.

what animal is it?