I Spy

Hello children! Today Class 5 has been playing a game to improve their ability to multiply. Did you like the game? I think you enjoyed it a lot!

Function Machines

Hello Class 5! Play this powerful number problems program. It was created from spreadsheet formulae by year 4 students in Ambleside Primary School (UK). Click on the image to start.  


Numbers Game

Hello Class 5! Did you like today’s numbers game? I hope you did because it was an easy one! It is important that you develop your numeracy skills! Have a look at the pictures.

We make our own Tangram set

Hello children! Today Class 6 has made a tangram set out of a piece of paper. We also build some shapes and we used the interactive whiteboard. Have a look at the pictures!


Number Drop

Hello Class 5! Click on the image below to play a Maths game. Send me a comment with your score!


Who wants to be a Mathonaire?

Hello Class 5! Click on the image below to start the game. Let’s see who knows more about Maths and wins more money!


Mode, Median and Mean

Hello Class 6! Click on the image below to start a handling data activity about mean, median and mode.


Math turbo skid

Hello Class 5! Do you like cars? Do you need to practise your times tables? If your answer is yes, click on the image below. Have fun!


Quick Math

Hello Class 5! Here you have a new game to improve your mental calculations. Have fun!