Jigsaw puzzle game

Hi there! Yestarday, Class 5 played a game about human adaptation. They had to ask each other basic questions in order to fill in a chart with information about 3 different children who live in three different countries. Have a look at the pictures and watch the viseo. They did a great job!

Animals needs

Hello Class 5! Can you guess how these animals have adapted to their habitats? Click on the image to start the activity!


Plants and Animals

Hello Class 5! See which environments plants and creatures inhabit. Click on the image to start the game.


Last compare two habitats videos


Hello Class 5! Rainforests are amazing places full of beautiful animals, birds and plants. How much do you know about rainforests? Click on the image below to start the quiz. Send a comment with your results.

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Compare two habitats – Videos

They did it!

Hi children! Finally, Class 5 finished the posters about habitats. Have a look at the pictures!

Habitats poster

Hello children! Class 5 has almost finished the posters comparing two habitats. Today, they have stuck the pictures of the animals and plants that live in each habitat. Have a look at the pictures!

Animals in their habitats

Hello Class 5! Watch this video about different animals in their habitats. Do you like it?