Happy Halloween

We have celebrated Halloween at school today. We have made a concert. Have a look at the photos!

Conductors and Insulators

Hello! Class 6 has been experimenting to check which materials are conductors and which materials are insulators. Have a look at the photos.


Interview your classmates

Water game

Hello! Class 3 students catch Splash the raindrop before he hits the ground.

Click on the image to start


Water properties

Class 3 is studying water. They have learned some basic water properties. Have a look at the photos and see if you can complete the sentences.

Water is …
Water doesn’t …
The water states are …

Build an electric circuit

Class 6 students have built their own electric circuits. They have used wires, bulbs, batteries and switches. Have a look at the photos.

Hello! video by Class 3 students

All about me banners

Hello! Class 3, Class 4 and Class 5 students have made these fantastic banners with information about them. Have a look at the photos.

My plant

Hello! Class 4 students have started learning things about plants. Today they have drawn a plant. Have a look at the photos.