Our pen friends from Romania

Hello! Today some Class 5 students met their Romanian pen friends through a Skype connexion. Watch the videos!

P4 songs

Hello! Here you have some of the songs we have learned this school year.

Two little dicky birds

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Tommy Thumb

If you’re happy and you know it

Incy Wincy Spider

5 little ducks

Our Hungarian penfriends

Hello! Have a look at these photos of Class 6 Hungarian penpals. They received the craft Class 6 students made for Earth day and the leaflets about ways to reduce CO2 emissions.
The Hungarian students have recorded an interesting video!

Snow White

Hi! Class 3 students have performed a theatre play in English. Watch the video.

The Solar System

Hello! Class 4 students have studied the different planets. Watch these two videos about Venus and Neptune.

Do you know your flags?

Hello Class 5! Try to guess the country for each flag that is displayed. The description will help you. When you know the country, click on it’s name.

Click on the image to start

The Footprint game

Hello kids! We all leave a footprint on our world. Let’s find out how big or small is your footprint.

Click on the image to start

Drawings from Romania

Hi! Class 5 students received some drawings about climate change and two magazines from the students in Romania. Have a look at the photos!

Describe your monster

Hello! Class 1 pupils have written some sentences about their monsters. Have a look at the photos!