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Pizza homemade



– Salt

– Oil

– Water

– Bacon strips

– Mozzarela

– Sweet ham

– Tomato “Solis”



1. Put to preheat the over to 180º of temperature.

2. Sorrow 250 g of flour.

3. Sorrow 5 g of salt.

4. Measure a half glass of water, heat the water, and mix the water, the salt and the flour in a bowl.

5. Add 4 spoonfulls of oil in the bowl and mix all the ingredients.

6. When you have a homogeneous dough give it  form that you want.

7. Then, put tomato “Solis”  and mozzarella on the all the dough’s superface.

8. Later, put the bacon strips and the sweet ham slices.

9. In finally, put the pizza in the oven 10-15 minutes to 180º of temperature.


  • Information from: package of the pizza’s flour.



Nils Bohlin discovered three-point safety belt.

He was from Sweden.

He was born on the 17th of July in  Härnösand (Sweden).

He lived in Härnösand (Sweden).

He was mechanical engineering but he worked on the seat belt for about a year.

He introduced his invention to the Volvo company in 1959.

He demostrated its effectiveness in a study of 28.000 accidents in Sweden

He received a gold medal from Royal Swedish Academy engineering Science in 1995 and in 1999.

He received his first patent in 1959.

He died on 21st. September 2002.

Information from wikipedia.

Photo from google

I Want to be

I want to be a footballer because I like football.

I want to visit Venice because the streets are water.

My favourite subjects at school are P.E, Maths, English and enviroment.

I want to buy a new trainers, a ball of LFP and a new tracksuit.


Los girasoles de Van Gogh

This is a painting by Van gogh.

It is 123 years old.

Its name is “los girasoles de Van Gogh”.

In this painting Van gogh used yellow and strong colors.

He lived in Belgium.

In this painting there is are twelve sunflowers, but a sunflower is green and a jar.


Marco Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli was a professional motorcycle rider.

He died on 22nd of October.

He was lived in Coriano, Italy.

He was running in Fausto Gressini team.

He has got afro hair, and I liked.

He was a very good person out the race, but in the race was very agressive.

He was tall and thin.

Marco Simoncelli I liked very much Marco Simoncelli

He’s His girlfriend was very beautiful, for mi me.


He is normally and small a little fat,

He likes football five sala and padel paddle,

He is got brown eyes and black hair,

He’s friends is Dani F. , Salva, Eduard and Joel R.

He’s Usually wearing tracksuit and yellow trainers