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Fruit salad


– 2 apples

– 2 bananas

– 2 oranges

– 2 kiwis

– 1 peach

– 1 lemon

– 100 gr. of cherries

– 100 gr. of strawberries

– Sugar or honey



– Peel the apples, the oranges, the kiwis and the peach and cut in pieces.

– Peel the bananas and cut in slices.

– Remove the bones of the cherries and cut the strawberries in pieces.

– Put the fruits in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice.

– Dilute the sugar or the honey in some water and add to the fruit.

– Leave the fruit in the fridge until it is ready to serve.


Information from book: “La cocina hoy”

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Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was born on the 21st of October of 1833.

He was born in Sweden.

He invented the dynamite, and he patented it.

He won a lot of money with this patent, but he feels bad for the hurt he caused with his their invention.

With this money Nobel created the Nobel Prizes.

These annual prizes are for people who discover, investigate or favored the humanity.

Nobel Prizes are for physics, chemistry, medicine or physiology, economy, literature and world peace.

He won 33,000,000 Swedish crowns (200 million of euros in 2012), only 100,000 crowns of this lot of money were for their family, the rest went for the Nobel Prizes.

He died on 19th of December of 1896 because of a stroke.

In his honor there is an asteroid called Nobel, there is a crater in the Moon with his name and a chemical element called Nobelium.

Information from: wikipedia

Photo from: google


I want to be …

I don’t know what I want to be when I’m older. Probably I want to be a biologist, a reporter of a magazine of animals or a vet because I love the science and the animals. In this work I want to visit Africa, Australia and others countries because I want to see the wild animals.

Also I want to go to London or USA because I want to see the monuments and learn english.
My favourite subjects are is natural science and english because I love the animals and the plants and I think that the languages are very important, but I also like others subjects.

Los lirios

This is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

Its name is “Los lirios”. It is 122 years old.

In this painting there are a lot of lilies and some other flowers.

The principal colors used are green, blue and orange. Van Gogh always used bright colors.

There aren’t any animals or people.

Van Gogh was a Nederland artist.

He has a mental illness. He cut his ear and shot himself when he was 37 years old.

In life he was very poor, he was famous when he was died.


Laika was the first astronaut, but only for five to seven hours.

Its name means the barking in russian, because it usually barks.

It always went with more dogs, because it was a stray dog.

It was three years old and 6 kg of weight, and it usually was quiet.

It was from Moscou in Russia.

It hasn’t got free time because it always was training to go to the space.

It loved playing with Albina and Mushka, the other female dogs of the Space Center.

It died for the heat in the space capsule. 😥

After Laika the URSS sent more dogs to the space and usually they died before return to theEarth

People usually know its history and sing the Mecano song of its live.


Who is he?

He isn’t very tall.

He’s got brown eyes and a short blonde hair.

He’s wearing glasses.

He’s shy.

He has got a good imagination.

He likes terror movies.

He draws brilliantly.

He has got a little brother.

What city is it?

Is the largest city at the south of the world. The wheater is very cold but is the land of fire, because the first explorers who passed saw fires of the Indians. It’s near Cape Horn.
The name of the city in the Indian language is the west bay.
The city was constructed for prisoners. They reduce their sentences with community works.
Famous Places to visit are the presidio (now a museum), and the national park land of fire. It’s the starting point to go to Antarctica, and all the good sailors must pass for this city.

What animal is it ?

It’s a wild animal

It’s black and white

It eats seals, salmon, squid, sea ​​turtle… 😯

It swims in the sea

It lives in the Atlantic Ocean and polar coasts.

They usually go in groups of up to forty members.

They live between 50-80 years.

Are 7 to 10 meters, and weighs about 5 tons and a half

What animal is it ?