What city is it?

It’s big.

In this city,the people speak Arabic.

It Is a state in northern Africa.

The capital is Algiers

The money of algiers it’s the Dinar.

Here is a very popular tower called monument Algeria.

It’s a very beautiful city.

8 thoughts on “What city is it?

  1. Marina 5è A

    The city is the capital of Argelia, Argel
    I think Algiers is the name of the country in French, and the monument is the independence tower of Algeria. 😛

  2. Elena 5è B

    Hola Ricard.
    Jo també vaig contestar.
    ¿Per què no has publicat el meu comentari?

  3. Ricard

    Elena, si no l’he publicat, és que no l’he trobat. He tornat a revisar els comentaris i no hi és. Ho sento.

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