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las meninas

The painting “las meninas”is in museum “el Prado”in Madrd.
In the painting there are: One dog, Velázquez and (dogtes for queens) the queen’s daughters.
It’s black, white and brown.
Velázquez was born in Sevilla( june of 1599) and he died in Madrd (sixth august of 1660).
The painting was profesional and (the paintings was) it is very nice.

las meninas


This is a painting by Vicent Van Gogh.

He lived in Dutch.

It is about 111 years old.

In this painting there is (a) sunflowers in (the) a vase.

Van Gogh used yellow, green and orange.

El grito

(the painter of el grito) The grito’s painter is a Edward Munch.

The painting is 1983 (impossible!) years old. (The) E. Munch is from Norway and he lived in Norway.

In the painting there are (a 3 persons) 3 people, 1 bridge and (the) 1 river.

There isn’t a signature in the painting. (The) E. Munch was born in 1863 and dead in 1944.


Mona Lisa

The painter is Leonardo da Vinci. (How is 503-506 about) The painting is about 503-506 years old.

Nationality france(paris) live france(paris)  FALSE

(in paiting you objects) There is a person(mona lisa),mountains and sea.

(in paiting) The colours (is) are blue, green and  ¿meat?.



El grito

-Name of artist: Envard Munch(is Norwegian)

-Nationality: (Near Oslo) Norwegian .

-In the painting there is: All versions of the table show the androgynous figure in the foreground, symbolizing modern man in a moment of deep anguish and existential despaird.

-The artist used: Oil, tempera and pastel on cardboard.

el grito

El grito (The shout)

In the painting there is (a) one man shouting.

Behind the man there is a blue river. The man wears long brown and black dress.

(More) In the distance there are two people (persons). Between the river and the man there is a brown fence (tank.)

The sky(i) is orange. (The) This painting is very strange…. Anna.Bermúdez

Starry night

(He) It is a famous painting of Vicent Van Gogh.Vicent Van Gogh (is) was a famous artist, he lived in Arles, France. (Of) The painting is a night of city Saint-Ramy. In (dis) this painting there is a (starry) stars, a moon, one tree and a city . The artist used blue, black, yellow and (a) green

vicentBy Xavi Martinez Jara XD