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Bugs project file

When I´m older I want to be a (full) truck driver because my dad is (full) truck driver

I want to visit New York and California

My favourite subjects (is pe) are PE, maths and workshops (tallers)



This is a painting by Joan Miró. (It is to) He died with 90 years old (Joan Miró ,and paiting 91 years old.)

When he was young, he lived in Barcelona (to) and he died in Palma de Mallorca.

In the painting (objects:a) there are animals, flowers and mountains

Joan Miro used blue, red, brown, orange, black, green, yellow and (with) white.

BY: Raúl Barrero Pastor 😎

Mona Lisa

The painter is Leonardo da Vinci. (How is 503-506 about) The painting is about 503-506 years old.

Nationality france(paris) live france(paris)  FALSE

(in paiting you objects) There is a person(mona lisa),mountains and sea.

(in paiting) The colours (is) are blue, green and  ¿meat?.




Pablo Motos is the Hormiguero director (direct thi is el hormiguero). He`s from Madrid in Spain(the spanish).

In his (her) free time he always prepares the programme. He likes (color) blue and black

He always wears shirt and black trousers (blacks). (he) His favourite food is paella



His name is Alejandro

He is nervous, hard-working and short

He likes handball, football  and computer

He doesnt like to score in our goal and doing homework . ( mark goal in our dep  and home work)

He wears (clothes ) trainers.

He lives in Sabadell.

His birthday is on: 26/04/98

When Alejandro was young (I) he was nervous (i) he liked handball and his favourite food was macarróni and paella (was) His favourite toy was bike .(he) His favourite place was park catalunya.and he played handball

By Raul