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Rome is (a) the capital (to the) of Italy and old city too.
In Rome there are famous monuments, for example : The Vatican and Colisseum.
The tipic food is (a) pizza and spagetti, and football is very good.


The Paris is the capital of France.
It Is a beatiful city!
(Have) There are beatiful buildings in this city.
(Have) There is a Disney Land too. 


Liverpool is a (beutifli cyty and big) beautiful and big city. Liverpol is in (Inglaterra) England.

The language is English. (The) A famous monument is a St George Hall.

The famous food is a fish and chips. Liverpol is a very important (cytis) city.

Liverpool is a football club of Liverpool.Guai!

Xavi Martiez JaraPasta gansa!Descarat


Paris is (the city) a very old city. The tradicional food is  omelette.

(And) Paris is (the city) very big and very beatiful. Sorprès

There are parks, cinemas, theatre and populars monuments


Vienna is the capital of Austria. It has a population of over 1.500.000. Its music, theatre, museums and parks make it a popular tourist centre. Vienna has one of the oldest university in Europe.
Vienna was the music capital of the wold for many centuries. Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert and Strauss came to work here. It is now the home of one of the world’s most famoust orchestras, the Vienna Philharmonic.



Paris is the capital of France. (The lenguage was speak in paris is  French) They speak French .

Paris is  big. It is a very important city. The most important monument of Paris is the tower called Eiffel Tower.

A tipical food of Paris are Crep and Croissant.

Many people go to Paris for watch Disneyland Paris.RiallaAvergonit

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Barcelona is located in the  north east  of  Spain . Popular places to visit are Holy Family, monument of Colon,  Agbar  tower  and  Parc  Guell.  There  are trees, shops, museums,  schools and  places.


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Milan is the capital of Italy in this west of Lombardy.

Popular Places to visit in Milan are: Castle Sforza, Piazza Mercanti, the Stadium, Peace Arch, Villa Real, the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore and Skyscrapers Pirellone.

In Milan there are many famous monuments, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, schools and houses.


Granada is an old city and the capital of the province Granada , in the autonomous region of Andalusia and Spain.

(The city of) Granada is placed at the (foot) bottom of the Sierra Nevada mountains , (at) and between three rivers ´Beiro,Darro,and Genil.

Popular places to visit are the Alhambra , a Moorish city and the palace.