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Persistencia de la memoria

Salvador Dalí (living) lived in (the) Figueres and he was born in the 1904. (It has) He made (a) this picture  and (he’s) its name is the (precence) persistence of the memory. He painted it in 1931. There are three clocks and one beach.

Leonardo da vinci

This is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. It is about 509 years old. Leonardo da Vinci is (Florens) an artist from Florence. In the painting there (is a) are two girls ( and are) in a forest. The colours (is:) are blue and red ola


The painter is Leonardo da Vinci. (How) It is about 506 years old.

(Nationality) He was from Italy. He lived in Vinci(Italy).

In painting (objects:) there are Mona Lisa, a river, mountains and a path (camino).

(In painting ) The colours are Black, Green, Blue and meat.null

Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dali painted this picture .In the picture there are shells with magnificent clock and there is a small beach .

The painting is 50 years old. Salvador Dali born in Catalonia (Spain) . When he was young he had a long mustache and short hair (hear).

He died in 1989 .

There is also a famous painting dedicated to his wife .