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Starry Night

Van Gogh painted the picture. He(r) painted 900 paintings. (There are) He has got one small brother: Teo van Goghg.

It was necessary waited for his death (to post) to be famous for his pictures. He was a great painter in Germany (Will be a greate painter to Alemanya) .

(Ded of a shot) He shot himself in the chest at 1890 on 27th of July and he died

In the picture there are houses, (the) one church and (the) behind the picture there (are) is as (the) a mist. The colours are blue and yellow.


It is very pretty.

Selene:Edvard Munch.

This is a painting by Edvard Munch. It is 116 years old.

When he was young, he lived in “Norway”. The painting (have) has got differents colours: orange, blue…. In the painting there is a fence, there is a river, a bridge. In a bridge there are two people (persons). And this is the painting:

[el-grito-de-edvard-munch.jpg] Bye, bye, 🙂  :D.