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El día 31 nos entrara un año muy  especial,2010. Tendra muchos eventos y situaciones comprometidas pero veamos esta información:

2010 será un año normal comenzado en viernes en el calendario gregoriano. Ha sido declarado:

¿Y a vosotros? ¿Como creereis que sera este 2010? ¿Mágico o Trágico?

Comentad para ver vuestras opiniones: Gracias!

Shannon Fanning

Hello everyone, my name is Shannon and I am the new language assistant. I am from the United States and live in a state called California. In California, there are many beaches so one of my favorite sports is surfing. Here is a picture of me surfing in California. Would you like to visit California someday?

Have you any questions ? In English, of course.

Taylor Swift

She is an American country-pop singer-songwriter guitarist and actress. (Its) She’s an excellent singer and my favourite song is : You belonge with me. (Her) She’s 19 years old, she usually wears dresses or skirts (in her concerts) but in the videos of the songs she wears trousers, t-shirts or dresses.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a football player (football) of the Barcelona (futbol) football club .
He does TV ads,( is with his family of Argentina). He always (brings) wears Tracksuits.
He is fr0m Argentina. He loves his family, he likes football and other sports.
(He) His favourite car is Audi .

Daddy yankee

Daddy yanke is a singer and actor. He’s from (is) Puerto Rico. He usually wears t-shirts,jenas and a black glasses.In (her) his free time he usually sings.

(Her) His favourite food is pizza .

Daddy yankee

by : Rodrigo

Dani Martín

Dani Martín (he cantant) is a singer and actor. He‘s from Madrid in the Spain. He likes football and cars. (He) His favourite color is red and blue, and (you) his favourite actors (is) are Javier Bardem and Ornella Mutti and his favourite food is spaghetti and (gambas y) shrimps and fagitas.
Dani Martin

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is an actor of Disney Channel and singstar of the Jonas Brothers. He appears in the movie of Disney Channel Camp Rock and in the TV film of Disney Channel too, JONAS. In his free time, he(‘s) plays golf like his brothers, his favourite color is blue and his favourite food is meat.

Nick Jonas


Selena is (the) an excellent singer and an excellent  actress. She’s actress in the serie : Los magos de Weberly Place. Her favourite food is paella. She’s wearing t-shirt boots or trainers , trausers and earrings.

Her best friend is Demi Lovato.

Mark Knofler .

He was a rocker of the 80s. When (it) he was young, (it) he had (the) long and blond hair. His (your) favorite food is (the) pasta . He usually wears t – shirt and jacket. It he has had very much hits (exitos) . Now (it) he (touches music) plays folk music.
One of his (your) better songs is money for nothing.