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Wath did I do at Easter?

Dear friends:

On Easter week I went to colonies five days and after went to camping five days also. On colonies I played basketball, “blanquei”, “miamas”… There are plays of different country. Also I went to route and I really enjoyed. When I arrived on the colonies I went to camping and I made many friends.

On camping I played with my friends and my sister. I didn’t bath on the beach but I really enjoyed. And also I walked along the beach with my uncle, my aunt, your dog and my family.

On Monday I did homework and after I played the piano.

Bye, bye!!!


Us recomano aquesta pel·licula perquè a mi em va impressionar molt. Tracta sobre una espècie que no fa mal bé la natura i la cuida molt, mentre que nosaltres, els humans, li destrossem el seu món. Aquesta pel·licula a estas la peli més vista en tota Catalunya nomes en dos setmanes. I també us dic que es molt millor si la aneu a veure en 3D. Aquí teniu una foto per saber quina és.

Avatar Anna Bermúdez.

Bugs Project File

When I´m older, I want to be teacher, because I love children.

I want to visit London, (the exelent) an excellent city. Because I (very very) like London very much. I want to see: the monuments, (the shops very famous and the schools very bigs) the famous shops and the big schools.

My favorite subject(s) at the school is are (music). Because it is beautiful and fun!!! XD 😉

bye, bye!!! 🙂                teacher by Annna Bermúdez

El grito (The shout)

In the painting there is (a) one man shouting.

Behind the man there is a blue river. The man wears long brown and black dress.

(More) In the distance there are two people (persons). Between the river and the man there is a brown fence (tank.)

The sky(i) is orange. (The) This painting is very strange…. Anna.Bermúdez

Selena Gòmez

Selena Gòmez is an actress. She’s from (in) the USA.

In her free time she sings, very well. She likes (the) dancing and she loves nature. She usually wears skirts and dresses. (His) Her favourite food is sushi. She’s girl very beautiful.


slenea gomez

Les meves pitjors vacances…

Dos dies abans del meu aniversari, caic rodolant per una rampa, i em trenco el canell (pobre escafoide). Me’l enguixen 1 mes i mig, i a sobre no puc anar a les tirolines, a la piscina, a la platja, a la bolera, no puc anar amb bicicleta, ni amb patinet, ni amb patins i quan em pica molt el braç de la calor, no em puc rascar.



Atmetller Tower

Wendesday: On Wendesday I arrived (it castle) at a very very big and terrorific castle. We played in the park, in the castle and in the forest. Then we (doed) did two tribes and (looked) visited the forest.

Thursday: We (doed) did one, two or and trhee profs and on the night, we did not sleep (in evrybody night).

Friday: We were (it) very very tired. We played and played and then, we arrived (in) at the school. WE WERE VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!