Daily Archives: 4 novembre 2009

Taylor Swift

She is an American country-pop singer-songwriter guitarist and actress. (Its) She’s an excellent singer and my favourite song is : You belonge with me. (Her) She’s 19 years old, she usually wears dresses or skirts (in her concerts) but in the videos of the songs she wears trousers, t-shirts or dresses.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a football player (football) of the Barcelona (futbol) football club .
He does TV ads,( is with his family of Argentina). He always (brings) wears Tracksuits.
He is fr0m Argentina. He loves his family, he likes football and other sports.
(He) His favourite car is Audi .

Daddy yankee

Daddy yanke is a singer and actor. He’s from (is) Puerto Rico. He usually wears t-shirts,jenas and a black glasses.In (her) his free time he usually sings.

(Her) His favourite food is pizza .

Daddy yankee

by : Rodrigo