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Bugs project file

When  I’m older , I want to be mechanic because I like cars and Motorcycles .

I want to visit  Australia , France (French) , Italy and the Galapagos Islands (Galapagos). I want  to visit the monuments (to capitals)

of the (city) cities , and  the Ruins of (de) the Museum .

My favorite subjects at school are English , E.P , (Mhats) Maths And Geography.

I like E.P because I like (very very) the sport very much

By  Pau

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a football player (football) of the Barcelona (futbol) football club .
He does TV ads,( is with his family of Argentina). He always (brings) wears Tracksuits.
He is fr0m Argentina. He loves his family, he likes football and other sports.
(He) His favourite car is Audi .

The Burriac castle


We arrived  (of) at the Burriac  castle at 10  o’clock.

(After) Then we (made) did the activities and saved the teachers.

(As for the burriac castle is the night and we slipping listen  the piano).


(Of) On the morning we  (made) did the activites, too.

After (of) eating we made two (cabañas) huts.

(Of) On the night we made theatre.


(Of) On the morning we went go to the new castle.

(After) At the end we went back ( go) to the Sabadell.

Guai! fue muy chulo Guai!


Rome is (a) the capital (to the) of Italy and old city too.
In Rome there are famous monuments, for example : The Vatican and Colisseum.
The tipic food is (a) pizza and spagetti, and football is very good.